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6 Smart Tips by Silver Springs Locksmith for Protecting Your Home from Burglars

Burglaries and thefts are the most common crimes in Silver Springs. Installing metal doors or metal rods are not enough to defend your home from burglars. In 2010, Silver Springs reported 26,007 cases of burglary. In 2012, the number of burglary cases rose to 72,993. The ever-increasing number of thefts makes it imperative for you to take stringent measures to safeguard your home and family from burglars. In this article we will shed light on 6 smart tips offered by Silver Springs locksmith for protecting your home from theft and burglary.

  • Install strong entry doors: Make sure that you install strong entry doors such as solid core wood doors or steel-wrapped wood doors to strengthen the entry points. Hollow core doors are fragile and can be easily broken by burglars, thus they cannot provide adequate protection to your home.
  • Use quality locking system: Cheap locks can be easily broken by skilled burglars; therefore, Silver Springs locksmith suggests installation of high quality door lock system to provide optimum protection to your home. High quality door locking systems though expensive are difficult to break as they come with unique features.
  • Install Theft Alarm System: Silver Springs locksmith also recommends installation of theft alarm system to protect your home from burglars. Installing a theft alarm system is the best way to scare off thieves and burglars and to provide your home with full protection from intruders.
  • Install motion sensors: Burglars generally target properties that are dark and poorly lit. In order to illuminate your property adequately in the night, Silver Springs locksmith suggests installation of motion activated security lights. Motion detector security lights gets activated and brightens up the exterior of your home as and when it detects a motion, thus keeping  thieves and intruders away.
  • Lock your garage door: Many homeowners do not bother about locking their garage door, thus providing easy entry for burglars. If your garage door provides direct access to your home, then your home has high risk for theft. According to Silver Springs locksmith, it is highly essential to lock your garage door to shield your home from theft/burglary.
  • Inspect your property: In order to protect your property from burglary, it is advisable to inspect your property carefully and identify if there is any area that can be a potential hideout for thieves. Also examine if you can get a clear view of your living room/ kitchen while looking through the window. If you find any vulnerable area in your property, you should immediately take measures to secure such area. An effective way to keep away burglars is to plant thorny bushes near the windows and external doors of your home. Silver Springs locksmith suggests installing external window blinds and thick full-length draperies to prevent burglars from breaking into your home.